Junior Industrial Designer, Motorcycle/Bicycle

Job Type: Full time (Fixed Term Contract)
Working Location: Hybrid, mainly Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Allowance: Housing provided by employer and return tickets

About Us

Startec Dynamics Inc. is a newly established company that focuses on providing smart vehicle solutions for everyone.

We believe that smart vehicles should not necessitate a change in driving behavior but rather aim to make lives easier and safer. Additionally, we advocate that income or age should not be barriers for individuals seeking to use smart vehicles to enhance their driving experiences.

Our vision is to ensure that people in Africa can drive smart vehicles just like those in the EU, regardless of their age or occupation. Similar to how smartphones are accessible to people worldwide, we aim to make smart vehicle features available to everyone, from university students to retired seniors, from Africa to EU, allowing them to enjoy a more enhanced driving experience. This is our goal.

Our Website: https://www.startecdynamics.com/


  • Lead design theme generation, refining, and enhancing selected themes in alignment with product aspirations and design vision

  • Provide innovative design solutions to production challenges, ensuring the creation of exceptional and motorcycle and bicycle concepts

  • Produce high-quality design visuals suitable for senior presentations

  • Collaborate with R&D and production teams to integrate technological advancements seamlessly into the design, ensuring a balance between aesthetics and functionality, and to develop and refine production surfaces, ensuring a seamless transition from design to final product

  • Focus on meticulous design detail and functionality throughout the motorcycle and bicycle, ensuring a harmonious and user-centric experience

  • Stay abreast of industry trends, materials, and technologies to incorporate innovative and cutting-edge features into the designs


  • A degree-level (or equivalent) qualification relevant to product design, industrial design etc.

  • Exceptional 3D modelling skills in Blender, Maya, or Alias, showcasing a mastery of digital sculpting and surfacing techniques

  • Proficient in digital visualization tools such as Blender, Keyshot, and VRed for creating realistic and visually appealing design presentations

  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and visual, to convey design concepts and ideas effectively with R&D and production team

  • Ability to take instruction and measurements whether by verbal, or by drawings and apply to the 3D models, layouts, drawings and designs

  • Be able to react quickly to any changes in the specification of the design

  • Basic knowledge of marketing strategies, channels and branding

  • Strong time management and organizational abilities

  • A keen eye for detail and be a positive team player

  • Portfolio demonstrating a diverse range of design projects, highlighting your creativity, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills

  • Interest or experience in the automotive, motorcycle and electric vehicles

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English


  • Willing to travel and stay in APAC, mainly in Taiwan and Cambodia (travel expenses paid by employer)

  • Interested in motorcycle and having a motorcycle license is an advantage

  • Experience or willing to working with international team


Submit your resume and letter of interest to: info@startecdynamics.com