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Why are motorcycle services important?

A full motorcycle service will ensure any mechanical or electrical problems before they affect the safe operation of your motorbike.

Regularly servicing your motorcycle will prolong its life, and your machine may also be more efficient and more pleasant to ride when all its components are in optimum condition.

The market for big displacement motorbikes in Cambodia spectacularly increased in a few years. But it’s very hard to find mechanics able to fully service this kind of bike, especially with the electronics features, (ABS, ECU diagnosis, Synchronization…)

Our goal with Startec Premium Service Center is to develop the motorbike industry by becoming the first premium service center in the country. Our ambition is to set up a high level of standards in the maintenance and service of motorcycles. 

Having been able to bring together excellent technicians and high-quality equipment, we can provide our customers with the best solution.

International standards for the Cambodian market


Startec Premium Service Center

The First Motorbike Multi-Brand 
Service Center in

Startec Premium
Service Center


Our showroom opened in May 2022 in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. This project was possible by the reunion of the 2 elements: The best quality of tools and equipment, and our expert mechanic team. 
With more than 30 years of experience, our senior mechanic has been passionate about motorcycles since his childhood. He has refined his knowledge with several major brands such as Harley Davidson and Ducati. 
With the best tools in hands, The “doctor” can take the best care of your two-wheelers companion, from the oldest one to the most recent.

Startec Premium Service Center- Video 3
Startec Premium Service Center- Video 2
Startec Premium Service Center- Official video
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