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Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (E-ATV)

E-ATV is capable to evolve in all road conditions, able to transport anywhere on farms with important surface, but also able to carry heavy materials while preserving the environment.


Any type of Terrain


Capacity to Tow Heavy Goods (up to 500kg)


Move Over Large
Operating Areas

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Combine with Solar & Wind Energy Charging


Energy Independence, Sustainable and
Cost Saving 

Potential Markets

Farming Transport & Shepherding, NGOs of Natures Conservancy, Discover Nature & Wildlife, Outdoor Activities

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Textes temporaires

Top speed
46 mp/h (75 km/h)
~62 miles (100 km)
72V / 93AH (1 pcs Lithium-ion battery)
3.0 kW embed liquid cooled motor with 6 speed gearbox
Loading capacity
Tow capacity: 500kg 3500lb 50mm towing ball
Climbing Ability
30º 10km/hr
6 Speed Powertrain
Controller max-current output
Vector Control 140A
Rated Power
3KW. Enbed PMSM
Final Drive
Dimension and Features
Dimensions (L x W x H)
2120 x 1215 x 1300 mm
Seat Height
870 mm
Ground Clearance
200 mm
Wheel Base
1320 mm
Front & Rear Lighting system
Front & Rear Brake
R/L Disc brake
Front / Rear Suspension
Dual A-arm with 5 way preload-adjustable shocks / Swing arm with preload adjustable shock
Front & Rear Tire
AT25 x8-12
Claimed dry weight
203 kg (without battery)
Gravity casting rear swingarm
Optional external cooling radiator
15L stockage box
2WD with reverse

Startec intends to improve the dynamics module to satisfy the balance between performance and pricing with low operating and purchasing costs based on shortcomings of present Electric Vehicle caused by the diverse land types and environmental characteristics in developing countries.


The Startec Electric Vehicle will continue to operate in the same manner as a standard gasoline vehicle, with enough climbing ability, improved start and acceleration performance, and component configurations that are reliable and durable.

For details and specifications, please contact our consultant.

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