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6-Speed Gear Electric Motorcycle

New motorbike concept: A motorbike in smart and modern design, with great features and unique 6-speed transmission. (In developing)


Extremely linear
fuel tank design


Strong & Powerful


Powerful 125cc engine

圖片 2_edited.jpg


Smart TFT dashboard


Easy to drive with
semi auto gear box


Large LED front light,
light up your road at night

圖片 18.png
圖片 17.jpg
圖片 16.jpg
圖片 11.jpg
圖片 2_edited_edited.jpg

Startec intends to improve the dynamics module to satisfy the balance between performance and pricing with low operating and purchasing costs based on shortcomings of present Electric Vehicle caused by the diverse land types and environmental characteristics in developing countries.


The Startec Electric Vehicle will continue to operate in the same manner as a standard gasoline vehicle, with enough climbing ability, improved start and acceleration performance, and component configurations that are reliable and durable.

For details and specifications, please contact our consultant.

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