Rooted in Research and Development

We believe everyone has the right to smart technology. We're committed to finding ways to offer affordable smart cars to an overlooked population who's dreams matter. We want those in lower income environments to be able to buy a smart vehicle that can get them safely to the future they're working so hard for, while reducing their vehicle debt.


A collective of veteran engineers from Hong Kong, France and Canada came together to solve a global problem: access. We formed Startec Dynamics and together we've made remarkable strides in the automotive industry. Today, Startec is rapidly emerging as a global leader in the development of environmentally friendly, smart, and user-friendly light vehicles.

Driven to Help Heal the Planet

Our vision is to make innovation accessible while placing environmental responsibility at the forefront. We believe in steering the future towards sustainability and safety, and every step we take aligns with this commitment.


Why? Because if a startec vehicle can survive the weather, terrain, road conditions in Cambodia, they can survive anywhere. If a Startec vehicle can provide ease and safety to the lives of Cambodians, it stands a great chance of doing the same in other Developing Nations that also lack infrastructure and access to emergency care. Startec Vehicles meet European regulation standards as well!


Meet the dynamic team at Startec Dynamics Inc., the driving force behind innovation invehicle mobility. From our visionary CEO to our dedicated R&D Manager, Project Manager,Product Manager, and skilled professional engineers, we are committed to revolutionizingtransportation. Hailing from the likes of Mazda, a technology research Academic facility in Canada, and France, we're teaming up with Cambodians to start an automative economy in the beautiful country we now call home. Our goal is for Startec to provide hundreds of jobs and be an inspiration for other budding Cambodian entrepreneurs.

  • Wai Cheung (Ivan) Ting - Director

    With 20+ years of experience in the motorcycle industry, Ivan established Startec Dynamics Inc., exploring worldwide market opportunities, organizing R&D teams, and launching R&D products in the markets successfully.

  • Teresa Mourato Lopes - Chief of Marketing

    With 15+ years of experience as a senior technician in governmental organizations in Macau and a degree in Finance from the University of Macau, Teresa has developed superior project management skills. She is fluent in Chinese, Portuguese, and English.

  • Kun Su - Chief of Risk Control

    With nearly three decades of experience as a professor and mentor to young academics, and having earned a doctorate degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Kun brings solid cognitive ability, superior communication skills, and management skills. These attributes are expected to drive the growth of Startec.

  • Mei Dong - Chief of Product Development

    With nearly three decades of experience as a chief physician at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital’s Internal Medicine Department, Mei is familiar with emergency strategies and first aid measures that will be pivotal to assessing accident cases, the severity of biker injuries, negotiating with insurance companies.

  • Bastien Sbrovazzo - Project Manager

    With over a decade of project management experience, rooted in environmental conservation, Bastien brings a wealth of global expertise across diverse sectors. His adept management skills, combined with a passion for motorcycles and innovation, consistently drive impactful outcomes for the company.

  • Aidin Vahidmohammadi - R&D Manager

    With 8+ years of experience in the automotive industry, Aidin is an accomplished Industrial/R&D Engineer, specializing in NPD, NPI, lean manufacturing, and data analytics. His expertise includes designing AI-based automation systems and feature engineering. With a passion for innovation, Aidin constantly adds value to our fast-evolving company.

  • Kevin Chin - Product Manager

    With 8+ years working experience in Mazda Motor, Kevin brings his knowledges from BEng Automotive Engineering, University of Hertfordshire UK and provides profession improvement suggestions for our products.

Our R&D Partners