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At the core of our innovations is the concept of the "Smart Vehicle." We aim to make your motorbike capable of performing tasks beyond traditional transportation. Our technology empowers your motorbike to be a true digital partner in your daily life.

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Accident Assistance

In the event of an accident, due to Athena's sensors, your bike can sense if you're on the ground. If you don't move and your bike is stationary, the alarm system will notify your first emergency contact and emergency services will be sent to your exact location.

Anti-Theft System

Thanks to the reliable and always connected GPS tracker, you'll never lose track of your motorbike. Even if your MotorBike APP is closed.

Moreover, a push notification will be immediately sent to your smartphone at the slightest movement of the motorbike, so you don't need to stress out about theft anymore!

Digital Key Technology

This system facilitates you by providing ease in accessing your bike with Android or iOS smartphones. 

With the help of ultra-wideband technology in our newly developed digital key, you don’t even have to take out the mobile phone from your pocket. Your motorbike will unlock as you approach. Also, our NFC technology enables you to just tap to start the ignition.

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    Welcome to the future of motorcycling. Athena connects your bike to your phone, transforming your driving experience. It enables keyless ignition, has geo-tracking anti-theft, an SOS emergency response system and a smart dashboard.

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    Calypso motorcycles are installed with our unique in-house developed Electronic Fuel Injection System, which aims to lower the cost of motorcycle manufacturing to meet regulatory emitting requirements

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