It's more than a motorbike. It's a concept.

The Ori

Created with one main objective: to meet user expectations. 

Based on the driver’s experiences, this motorcycle refuses the superfluous, to keep only what is important: Reliability, comfort, accessibility, and safety. 

Finding complicated made simple has become a luxury today. To deliver in a way others are not, our engineering team built this bike by mixing two ingredients: Experience and innovation.

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The Xplorer

Inspired by the legendary vessel of French naval officer and oceanographer, Jacque-Yves Cousteau, Calypso scooters are set to revolutionize your riding experience. Equipped with the latest technology from Startec Dynamics Inc., Calypso offers a sleek and durable scooter, with a strong engine and cutting-edge safety features. Get ready to explore the roads like never before, as Calypso becomes your trusted companion, providing an accessible, new driving experience for all.

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Backstory and Outcomes

With the investment in EFI R&D in 2009, Startec aimed to reduce the cost of manufacturing motorcycles to meet the regulatory emissions requirements.

​As part of the development of EFI, we collaborated with SAE International (HK), Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems (APAS) R&D Centre, Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), and China South Industries Group Corporation to gain technical support.

​EFI's research and development were completed in mid-2019, and principal components and programs were patented.  Six months after launching in China, it has reached USD $1.5 million in sales. In addition to meeting EURO III emission requirements, the Startec EFI system emits 74.7% less NOx, 73.3% less THC, and 69.5% less CO than EURO Standards.

​Startec is committed to reducing emissions on two-wheelers.  As compared to current Euro and China standards, our 2nd generation EFI system in 2019 produces 50% less pollution. Having studied Electronic Fuel Injection for 10 years and invested over USD $5m in parts and systems, Startec infinities is a specialist in R&D and marketing for the motorcycle industry.

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    Welcome to the future of motorcycling. Athena connects your bike to your phone, transforming your driving experience. It enables keyless ignition, has geo-tracking anti-theft, an SOS emergency response system and a smart dashboard.

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    Being concerned about the ecological and economic stakes, the democratization of electric vehicles is a necessary effort for sustainable development. Our goal is to create smarter, safer, and more economical Electric vehicles, powered by our own technology and unique design.

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