A low speed E-vehicle for zero emission tourism

low-speed sightseeing EV

Take in the world around you. The LSEV is designed for an immersive scenic experience. Equipped with Startec’s Athena Smart System and designed with robust off road suspension for rough terrain and road conditions, our LSEV can take families on all kinds of Eco-friendly adventures. Economic and efficient, the LSEV’s costs $15,000 USD. 

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An E-ATV for zero emission farming


Designed specifically for farmers in mind who wish for more eco-friendly equipment, our Startec’s E-ATV’s performance outshines traditional engine types in the market and can be used for fun, for campuses, nature reserves, on golf courses, at airports, outdoor activities… you name it.

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You Won't Hear it Coming


But it won't be helped... you'll look. Currently in development, this 6-Speed Gear Electric Motorcycle offers smart and modern design, with innovative features


Novae Electric Vehicle Innovations


  • Type: 6 Speed Powertrain
  • Controller: Vector Control
  • Controller max-current output: 140 A
  • Rated Power: 3KW. Embed PMSM
  • Final Drive: 14:42




    Calypso motorcycles are installed with our unique in-house developed Electronic Fuel Injection System, which aims to lower the cost of motorcycle manufacturing to meet regulatory emitting requirements

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    Welcome to the future of motorcycling. Athena connects your bike to your phone, transforming your driving experience. It enables keyless ignition, has geo-tracking anti-theft, an SOS emergency response system and a smart dashboard.

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