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Calypso Ori is More than a Motorbike; it is a Concept.

ORI, the new model of Calypso, was launched and shown with the distributor's support in November. This 125cc model has a perfect mix of Modern and Classicism shapes which was developed by Startec's professional engineering team.

Based on the driver’s experiences, this motorcycle refuses the superfluous, to keep only what is important: Reliability, comfort, accessibility, and safety. With its neo-retro look, the Calypso Ori has managed to integrate modern elements while remaining simple to use. It is an accessible way to enjoy any road condition with an outstanding look.


  • Engine style: 125cc, 4 stroke

  • Max Power KW/(r/min): 6.5 KW/(8000r/min)

  • Max torque N-m/(r/min): 9.6 N.m/(5500r/min)

  • Compression ratio : 6.5 KW/(8000r/min)

  • Min fuel consumption g/(KW-h): <370 g/kw.h

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