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Test and Experience the Future of Motorcycle Manufacturing!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The meeting is taking place at the Calypso’s Factory.

The team meticulously inspects every detail, highlighting the fusion of craftsmanship and innovation that sets the new motorcycle model apart.

The frame's material and design are carefully scrutinized for durability, performance, and overall aesthetics. Yvon explains the technological advancements that have been incorporated into the frame, designed to elevate the riding experience to new heights, while Bastien offers strategic insights into market demands and trends.

Widdya, the esteemed supervisor advisor from Calypso, brings invaluable insights to the discussion and organization for the drive test process. Having ridden various motorcycle types, Widdya shares his experiences and preferences, allowing the team to fine-tune the new model to match the desires of riders.

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