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Revving Up Innovation: Startec Dynamics and K Box Redefine the Future of Motorcycling!

 Fresh off an important meeting just yesterday, Startec Dynamics and our esteemed partner, K Box , are gearing up for greatness!

     Our dedicated team, including Mr. Bastien Sbrovazzo (Project Manager), Mr. Kevin Chin (Production Manager), Mr. Putthipong Sokun (Assistant Product Manager), and Rachana Widdhya Than (service advisor supervisor), has been hard at work enhancing the Calypso Motorcycles experience.

     In our significant meeting held just yesterday, we thoroughly discussed advancements in chassis frame enhancements and explored cutting-edge design concepts for our motorcycles.

     A special thanks to Mr. Yvon, the owner of K Box, a specialist in metallic engineering design. Together, we're propelling the future of motorcycling with innovation and expertise.

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