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Startec Dynamics Presents NOVAE E-ATV: Your Eco-Journey Begins – Available Now !

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Embark on a sustainable adventure with the E-ATV (Electric All-Terrain Vehicle), redefining your outdoor experience. More than a vehicle, it's a commitment to sustainable transport, adapting to all road conditions for farms, nature reserves, and beyond. Effortlessly navigate diverse landscapes and tow up to 500kg, all while harnessing solar and wind energy for cost-saving mobility.

Performance is a key highlight, with a full charge taking ≤3.5 hours for the 3.0 kW embedded liquid-cooled motor with a 6-speed gearbox. Versatile and reliable, the E-ATV's design prioritizes safety with a 4-wheel electric EV motorcycle concept. Startec is dedicated to refining dynamics, ensuring a balance of performance and pricing. The E-ATV is available for purchase now. To order your sustainable adventure companion, simply contact Startec Dynamics through our website or get in touch with our dedicated sales team. Stay tuned for pricing updates and future promotions tailored to make your E-ATV ownership even more rewarding. Our website :


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