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Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (E-ATV)

Our E-ATV operates in the same manner as standard gasoline vehicles, with enough climbing ability, improved start and acceleration performance, and component configurations that are reliable and durable all at an affordable price. 

Designed specifically for farmers in mind who wish for more eco-friendly equipment, our Startec’s E-ATV’s performance outshines traditional engine types in the market and can be used for fun, for campuses, nature reserves, on golf courses, at airports, outdoor activities… you name it.

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Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (E-ATV)
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (E-ATV)
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle (E-ATV)


Electric Powertrain

  • Powerunit:4 Speed Powertrain
  • Controller max-current output:Vector Control 140A
  • Rated Power:3KW. Enbed PMSM
  • Final Drive:14:42


  • L x W x H:2120x1215x1300 mm
  • Wheel Base:1320 mm
  • Seat Height:870 mm
  • Ground Clearance:200 mm
  • Front & Rear Brake:R/L Disc brake
  • Front & Rear Tire:AT25 x8-12
  • Front / Rear Suspension:Dual A-arm with 5 way preload-adjustable shocks / Swing arm with preload adjustable shock
  • Weight:203 kg without battery


  • Top Speed:46 mp/h (75 km/h)
  • Range:~62 miles (100 km)
  • Battery:72V / 93AH (1 pcs Lithium-ion battery)
  • Motor:3.0 kW embed liquid cooled motor with 4 speed gearbox
  • Charging:≤3.5hr
  • Loading capacity:3500lb 50mm towing ball
  • Tow capacity: 500kg
  • Climbing Ability:30º 10km/hr


  • Front & Rear Lighting system
  • Gravity casting rear swingarm
  • Optional external cooling radiator
  • 15L stockage box
  • 2WD with reverse