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The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)

Color – Silver

Looks cute. But bites. 

This powerful darling has many roads and reasons to travel. 

Designed to revolutionize the Tuktuk industry, yet has the capacity to serve as a substitute in a number of surprising sectors ie: Golf Clubs; Airports; Institutions; Hospitals; Resorts and Tourist Destinations. 

Our LSEV has a 6-speed manual transmission, that provides tremendous climbing capability (this baddy can tackle all terrains), has better start and acceleration performance and component configurations than other electric vehicles on the market.

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The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)
The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)
The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)
The Low-speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV)



  • LxWxH: 3340x1715x1900 mm
  • Wheel base: 2300 mm
  • Wheel track: 1410 mm
  • Seats: 4 sporty seats
  • Wheels: FL29/9.0-14 R:29/11.0-14
  • Steering Rack & pinion with EPS
  • Ground Clearance: 280 mm
  • Weight: 445 kg w/ battery
  • Brake: 4 wheel disk w/ CBS & parking brake


  • Motor: PMSM 8000RPM
  • Max. Power: 4.0 kW Rated/ 9.5kW Peak
  • Max. Torque: 30.2 Nm
  • Controller: FOC
  • Gearbox: 10:1 w/ differential
  • Battery: 96V114Ah Li-ion
  • OBC: 110.5V 36A


  • Top speed: 45 km/h or 70 km/h
  • Grade-ability: >15 degree
  • Range: >100km@30km/h


  • Air Condition Optional
  • Freezer Optional
  • 3 points safe belt Std.
  • Runnerboard Optional