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helps your motorbike becomes smarter, safer, and more connected with every journey!

The help

You need

Our in-house newly developed ATHENA emergency warning system analyzes your motorcycle in real time and triggers the emergency warning alert in the event an accident is detected.
Thanks to its wide range of different sensors, the system automatically detects the accident and the motorcycle has been on the ground for specific seconds. If you do not move and your bike is stationary, the alarm system will notify your first emergency contact and emergency services will be sent to your exact location.


accident detection_edited_edited.png

ATHENA digital key technology makes your life easier by eliminating the need of carrying motorbike keys all the time. This system facilitates you by providing ease in accessing your bike with Android or iOS smartphones. 

With the help of ultra-wideband technology in our newly developed digital key, you don’t even have to take out the mobile phone from your pocket and the motorbike will automatically get unlocked when you come near it. Also, having NFC technology enabled on your phone, you will be able to start the bike by just tapping!

Athena smart remote_edited.jpg

Turn your smartphone into a motorcycle key!



Sleep with peace of mind!

Thanks to the reliable and always connected GPS tracker as one of many features integrated into the advanced ATHENA system, you never lose track of your motorbike even if your MotorBike APP is closed!
Moreover, a push notification will be immediately sent to your smartphone at the slightest movement of the motorbike, so you don't need to stress out about theft anymore!



All traditional fuel motorcycles, under brand Calypso, are installed with our unique in-house developed Electronic Fuel Injection System which aims to Lower the Cost of Motorcycle Manufacturing
to meet Regulatory Emitting Requirement!

Over USD $5 Million Investment


USD 1.5+ Million sales in the First 6 Months

10 Years of EFI Research & Development

55% Air Pollution Reduction


With the investment in EFI R&D in 2009, Startec aimed to reduce the cost of manufacturing motorcycles to meet the regulatory emissions requirements.

As part of the development of EFI, we collaborated with SAE International (HK), Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems (APAS) R&D Centre, Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), and China South Industries Group Corporation to gain technical support.

EFI's research and development were completed in mid-2019, and principal components and programs were patented.  Six months after launching in China, it has reached USD $1.5 million in sales. In addition to meeting EURO III emission requirements, the Startec EFI system emits 74.7% less NOx, 73.3% less THC, and 69.5% less CO than EURO Standards.

Startec is committed to reducing emissions on two-wheelers.  As compared to current Euro and China standards, our 2nd generation EFI system in 2019 produces 50% less pollution. Having studied Electronic Fuel Injection for 10 years and invested over USD $5m in parts and systems, Startec infinities is a specialist in R&D and marketing for the motorcycle industry.

efi comparison.png

6-Speed Manual Transmission 

E-Motorcycle Innovation

Further Technology Development:

Our research and development team is dedicating significant effort towards integrating the newest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) to offer suitable support to drivers that aligns with their abilities and circumstances, with the goal of decreasing driving mistakes and hazards and promoting safe driving practices. We are currently working on several technologies, including:

Advance Accident-Avoidance System

Our cutting-edge system uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect and avoid potential accidents before they happen. So, you always stay safe on the road with our reliable accident-avoidance system.


Artificial Intelligence

Experience the future of driving with our AI technology. Our system uses machine learning to adapt to your driving habits and provide personalized recommendations for an improved driving experience.


Camera Vision

Get a clear view of your surroundings with our high-tech camera vision system. Our advanced cameras provide a 360-degree view of your vehicle, so you can drive with confidence.


Sensor Fusion

Our sensor fusion system combines data from multiple sensors to provide a comprehensive view of your environment. Stay alert to potential hazards with our advanced sensor technology.


Lane Assistant/Blind Spot Technology

Stay in your lane and avoid blind spots with our innovative lane assistant and blind spot technology. Our system uses advanced sensors and algorithms to keep you safe on the road.


Interactive 3D Instrument Panel

Get a state-of-the-art driving experience with our interactive 3D instrument panel. Our advanced display technology provides real-time data and personalized information to keep you informed and entertained on the road.

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