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Electric Vehicle Innovation

Being concerned about the ecological and economic stakes, the democratization of electric vehicles is a necessary effort for sustainable development. Our goal is to create smarter, safer, and more economical Electric vehicles, powered by our own technology and unique design. We're dedicated to making a better future and improving the users' experience.

Electric Vehicle Innovation | Patented Motor Cooling System

Liquid-cool Embed Motor

Original Motor Clutch Shifting System

Original Motorcycle Engine Structure

Separated Lubrication System

Optional Thermocontrol System

Small Motor, High Power, High Speed


Electric Vehicle Innovation |

Embed PMSM

Embed Liquid Cooling PMSM

1500W to 3000W Rated

Up to 5000 RPM

With Encoder

With Temperature Sensor

Oil Spray Cooling

Electric Vehicle  Innovation |

FOC with Field Weakening Controller

Field-Oriented Control

Adjustable Flux Weakening Control

Bus Current up to 200A

Compact & Easy Installation

Rugged & Cost-Effective

Electric Vehicle Innovation | FOC with Field Weakening Controller

Primary Ratio 1.408

Gearbox Ratio 2.148-0.957

Sprocket Ratio  4.363-2.500

Final Ratio 13.195-3.368


Electric Vehicle Innovation | Strong Terrain Applicability

Manual Gear with Clutch

Return Shifting

Close Gear Ratio

Replaceable Sprocket 

Thermo Control Liquid Cooling

Electric Vehicle Innovation | Durability & Easy Maintenance

Europe Motorcycle Platform

Compact Structure

Replaceable Embed Motor

Easy to Split & Replace


Electric Vehicle Innovation | Easy Model Changeover

Speed Range 60-120km/h

Existing Models Convertible

Preserve Original Structure

Center Gravity Less Variation

Flexibility in Battery Arrangement

ECE R136 Low Voltage Compliance

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